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Christmas trip to So Cal...
Posted by: ajncorrie ()
Date: January 12, 2013 11:06AM

Some pictures to share with you…

On December 21st, we started our journey, the first time since 1992 that Corrie and I have spent Christmas with our families since we moved out to Tennessee from California.

I figured if the world were to end, what better view than from 33,000 feet up.
Instead, I ended following train tracks from way up high.

Here is a view of Union Pacific’s Afton Canyon and Interstate 15
<IMG SRC=,file=4356,filename=IMG_9677.JPG>

A little bit further, and here is a view of the BNSF transcon, I-40, Route 66, I-15, Barstow-Daggett Airport, where the Army fly’s their helicopters in support of the National Training Center, Yermo and eventually Barstow itself…
<IMG SRC=,file=4357,filename=IMG_9679.JPG>

Expecting that we would fly over the summit of Cajon Pass, as that’s is what is usually done, we came in a bit east, over Big Bear Lake, and I ended up with this shot looking at Devore and the run up to Cajon Pass proper.
<IMG SRC=,file=4358,filename=IMG_9683.JPG>

A view of San Bernardino yard and old passenger station.
<IMG SRC=,file=4359,filename=IMG_9684.JPG>

And on final to LAX, here’s a shot of downtown Los Angeles, with the Hollywood sign and the San Fernando Valley in the background.
Not too often do you get a clear enough day to get this view.
In this shot, there is a BNSF double stack train entering the Alameda Corridor, a Union Pacific Manifest coming out of the Corridor running east, the Amtrak facilities along the west side of the L.A. River and the 3751 at Redondo Junction. Trust me.
<IMG SRC=,file=4360,filename=IMG_9690.JPG>

Spent a few days driving around with my brother and we ended up at the S.P. station at Glendale
<IMG SRC=,file=4344,filename=IMAG0367.jpg>

Seen one metrolink train, but wasn’t too interested in taking its picture.
Plus it was a bit cloudy that day.

We also went and seen the old Grand Central Air Terminal, also in Glendale. Surprised it is still standing, though abandoned.
The airfield has long since been gone, was closed in 1959.
I could have at least got the top of that stupid palm tree into the picture.
<IMG SRC=,file=4343,filename=Grand+Central+Stitch.jpg>

Corrie and I made our way south to San Diego to visit with her family.
Along the way, I caught this southbound San Diegan making a station stop at San Juan Capistrano.
<IMG SRC=,file=4350,filename=IMG_0121.JPG>

A view from the harbor of Santa Fe’s old station in downtown San Diego
<IMG SRC=,file=4345,filename=IMG_0075.JPG>

The next few are from the station itself…
<IMG SRC=,file=4346,filename=IMG_0081.JPG>

<IMG SRC=,file=4347,filename=IMG_0086.JPG>

<IMG SRC=,file=4348,filename=IMG_0090.JPG>

<IMG SRC=,file=4349,filename=IMG_0094.JPG>

Back in L.A., the day before we return to Tennessee, my brother and I ventured out to Cajon Pass.
I mean, that’s a mandatory trip. Like going to the Vatican while you're in Rome, it’d be a sin not to go.

This was just last week Thursday, and I’ve seen that yesterday, there was snow falling at Summit…

From Summit, an BNSF double stack makes its way east, while in the back a Union Pacific manifest does the same
<IMG SRC=,file=4351,filename=IMG_0196.JPG>

Closer view of the head end power of that BNSF stack train
<IMG SRC=,file=4352,filename=IMG_0197.JPG>

Now both trains DPU power come into view
<IMG SRC=,file=4353,filename=IMG_0201.JPG>

At Martinez, a westbound BNSF stack train approaches summit
<IMG SRC=,file=4354,filename=IMG_0206.JPG>

And finally, a view of another westbound stack train at Frost
<IMG SRC=,file=4355,filename=IMG_0211.JPG>

Kingston TN

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Re: Christmas trip to So Cal...
Posted by: Pete ()
Date: January 12, 2013 11:18AM

Great photos with an aerial perspective rarely seen. Good work and thanks for sharing. Pete

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Re: Christmas trip to So Cal...
Posted by: TC Jones ()
Date: January 13, 2013 02:50PM

Neat to see the shots from up above.

TC Jones

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Re: Christmas trip to So Cal...
Posted by: pollardjd ()
Date: January 15, 2013 03:54PM

That San Diego set of photos is making me cry (homesick and all that...). Great work. -- JP

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Re: Christmas trip to So Cal...
Posted by: BarstowRick ()
Date: January 18, 2013 11:47AM

Welcome Home.

Some fine shooting my friend.

Now don't stay so long away next time.

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Re: Christmas trip to So Cal...
Posted by: nathanintexas ()
Date: February 08, 2013 05:24PM

Great shots

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Re: Christmas trip to So Cal...
Posted by: karldotcom ()
Date: March 15, 2013 06:08PM

The Glendale Air Terminal is owned by Walt Disney Imagineering and has been for years. It is supposed to be refurbished by 2015 according to their campus plan.

<b>'s free to talk trains again.</b>

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